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SMT NXT FUJI H5448D Vacuum Pump Maintenance KIT

SMT NXT FUJI H5448D Vacuum Pump Maintenance KIT Read More

Wickon X6 Reflow oven thermal profiler

wickon x6 thermal profile Specification : Project Description Commodity temperature curve tester Temperature range -200℃--1370℃ Operating tempature 0-105℃ The total storage capacity 4,000,000points Battery Without deliberately chargin Read More

KIC 2000 Explorer Start StartⅡ X5 SMT Reflow Oven Thermometer Thermal Profiler

KIC 2000 Profiler * 9 and 12 Channels * Full Original Package, with original Thermal Couples, Protective Shield, Software, etc * Technical Support and Warranty from USA * Thermal Process Optimization for Lower Energy Use * Standard SPC char Read More

Temperature Tester Recorder SMT Reflow Oven, Bathrive FBT10 FBT12 FBT24 FBT60 FBT61 FBT62 FBT80 V6

FBT10 1 Instrument model FBT10 2 Overall Dimension 20*47*148(mm)(H*W*L) 3 certainty of measurement +/-0.5℃ 4 temperature resolution 0.1℃ 5 frequency of sampling 0.01 times/ per second ~ once per hour 6 dedicated space 16M(optional) 7 ch Read More

Industrial low-cost adjustable anti-static small tray placement Stainless steel SMT material car SMT tray car

SMT tray trucks are widely used, with complete product models and specifications, and can be adapted to the needs of any space. The series of products that can be used for different purposes are extremely powerful: the light series can carr Read More

Plastic ESD SMD reel rack, SMT Reel storage box

More info about ESD SMT Reel Tray: Material: PP Plasti color:Black Dia of SMT reel: 18mm ESD SMT reel plastic Tray 410*190*110mm it can put 26pcs Reel. ESD SMT reel plastic Tray 450*190*110mm it can put 30pcs Reel. ESD SMT reel plastic Tray Read More

slim kic 2000 reflow oven thermal profiler temperature Curve analyzer

The SlimKIC 2000 is a tool that records the thermal profile of a product in a conveyorized thermal process such as a solder reflow oven. It also includes software that determines whether or not the profile is in spec, and that helps the use Read More

KIC start Thermal Profiler with 6 Channels for Reflow Oven

Affordable Thermal Profiler Exceptional Value The KICstart thermal profiler utilizes core technologies developed by KIC, the worlds premier thermal profiling company, and is supported by KICs worldwide organization. Packaging these innovati Read More

Thermal Profiler for reflow oven

1. 6 channel temperature tester, meeting the requirements of multi-point testing 2. The test range 0-500 ℃ , the applicable scope is wide, meet the required lead-free process 3. The Windows operating system, temperature curve contrast, se Read More

Automatic SMD components counter counting machine with leak hunting

Features 1.It is convenient for warehouse counting the SMD chips. 2.The length and the speed can be adjustable. 3.Reel diameter: All kinds of SMD reel sizes are suitable. 4.Reel Width: 8,12,16,24,32,44,56mm. 5.Wide voltage. 6.Scanner and pr Read More
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