ESD Autoclavable Uniform Antistatic Work Clothes

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Detailed Product Description
Material: 100% polyester filament fiber and conductive fiber
Available to clean room: class 100, class 1000, class 10000
1. Applied to both men and women, weaved by polyester filament fiber and imported conductive fiber.
2. Effectively removing the static electricity of the body, with a permanent antistatic property.
3. Comfortable and washing-resistant.
4. Scope: static sensitive areas and general cleaning area
5. Many choices of fabrics and colors of 5mm strips, 5mm grid and 2.5mm grid
6. Cleanliness, filtration,comfortable
7. Durable and easy-dressing
9. widely used in ESD and dust-free workshops. It is antistatic, dustproof , and heat resistant. The cloth is woven with 98% polyester and 2% imported conductive fiber .the materials used can maintain the  thermostability under 121centagrage, so that the uniform can endure the high temperature sterilization to  achieve 1000,100,or 10 class.
10. As a major of ESD Autoclavable uniform manufacture in china, we also provide ESD fabric, ESD dotted  gloves ,conductive copper fiber gloves, among others.
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